The Maynard Institute’s Journalism Fellowship Program

The Maynard Institute works to highlight the skewed portrayals of people of color inside the mainstream media channels. The Institute’s program upon vulnerable children and race is specially important, mainly because these stories form the framework of real-life decisions about a variety of issues. This project includes two main desired goals: to promote diversity in the information industry and to help make it news testimonies more fair, and to enhance inclusion in academia. Through its applications and incidents, the Maynard Institute engages news frontrunners, journalists, and entrepreneurs to modify the story about hispanics.

The Maynard Institute has got partnered when using the Fox Company to offer the Maynard 200 Writing Fellowship to mid-career journalists of color. The program should develop the https://maynardiowa.org/places-to-see-in-maynard job of these pros and help all of them expand all their leadership roles. The Company offers several different paths of training: general, investigative, and multimedia. Members in every single track can attend extra classes and workshops. The training courses will take place in person or almost. The deadline for applications is Mar 7, 2022.

While the program is largely online, the Maynard Institute can be hosting many workshops in the United States in August 2022. The workshops will be kept in-person in Los Angeles. The Maynard Start will cover almost all expenses linked with travel, which include flights, lodge accommodations, and ground transport. For those who live outside of north america, they must be affiliated with a US-based information or organisation. To apply, go to the Maynard Institute’s website.

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